With completely new mobility mechanics, unprecedented loadout and character customization, and the Supply Drop loot system, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is unlike any Call of Duty multiplayer experience to-date.

Recently, Sledgehammer Games invited members of the Call of Duty community to try it first-hand and we gathered their impressions. Check out what they had to say in the quotes and video below.

A New Era of Multiplayer

“There’s still the basic feel of Call of Duty but when you add stuff in — when you can dash forward or slide forward or juke from side to side — it completely changes the game” – Tmartn

“This is not like any Call of Duty we’ve had before. There’s no doubt about it. They’re stepping out of the box, that’s what I love about this game so far” — ChaosXSilencer

“It’s extremely fast-paced. Something I wasn’t expecting, but I like that. That’s my style of play. It adds a whole new mobility to the game that we haven’t seen — it’s a total series changer” – Optic Midnite

“It felt like picking up a Call of Duty game for the first time again. It really does feel new — as cliché as that sounds — it really feels new” – David from Mp1st

“It feels like they took it to the next level” – Victor from Charlie Intel

The Exoskeleton

“It’s really intuitive. I picked up the controller and I knew how to do it. I didn’t have to learn from the menus or ask anyone — it just felt natural” – Tmartn

“You can feel that they’re locked onto you, but they don’t know which way you’re going to dash — you can dash anyway you want — it throws them off a bit. People aren’t expecting you to move that quickly” – Optic Midnite

“Everyone thought ‘Oh, it’s just a jetpack’ but it’s so much more than that. Being able to boost and double jumping, strafing — it completely changes the way you get into gun fights, how you think about getting into gun fights, and avoiding players all together. It’s something that’s completely new and refreshing” – Kross

Pick 13

“You can actually balance out what’s right for you and for your play style — everyone’s different. Having those skills and having those perks just allows you to be more diverse and actually control your experience in the game” – Kross

“There are so many things that you can’t play for 30 minutes and engross everything you’re going to be able to do — the customization is beyond anything we’ve ever seen” – ChaosXSilencer

“This is by far the biggest jump to really customize to exactly what you want” – Tmartn